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Lynn Delaney
Bobbi Smith

Bobbi Smith, a Washington DC-based designer and antiques dealer, is the founder of Antiques and Accessories and BKS Interiors. Featured in many publications, Bobbi's designs and timeless classics have found new homes in rooms from Manhattan to San Francisco. Bobbi combines her passion for the authentic character of antiques with an artistic awareness of light and subtle color. With a love of history, she embraces the wear and flaws of antiques, knowing each chair or accessory tells a story and will forever have a next chapter. Always pretty but never precious, her carefully edited selections invite you to put your glass down and your feet up.  For more information on veteran designer Bobbi Smith, please click the BKS Interiors tab above.

A small town, coastal New England upbringing and a degree in Fine Arts, influences Lynn’s sense of practicality and an appreciation for well worn pieces rich in history . Studying the rooms and homes of friends and accomplished designers she admired, she learned quickly that great home décor, style and quality need not be out of reach. With a love of the hunt, she focuses on accessible antique and vintage pieces that can make a space fun, funky or fabulous.  Lynn surrounds herself with the blues, soft whites and greens of the seaside, mixing traditional, antique and contemporary pieces, knowing there is always just the right place for something you love.

Past Perfect 
Past Perfect is a new venture of Washington-based designer and antiques dealer Bobbi Smith and two friends who share her passion for seeing old, unusual pieces brought back to life. Bobbi, Beth and Lynn combine their individual tastes and love of antiques to offer the unique furniture and accessories in their Past Perfect collection. The Past Perfect collection is grounded in an appreciation of classicism and craftsmanship to create fresh ways of living beautifully with the rich language of our past.

French Flea
Shop our edited collection of small finds. They may be antique, vintage or re-purposed, but our French Flea accessories are always unusual, affordable and will add just the right note to your own decor.