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Published in Southern Accents and House Beautiful magazines, Bobbi Smith's work can be found across the country. Whether in a Virginia country home, a Manhattan pied-a-terre, or a Palm Beach getaway, she is known for her fresh arrangements of timeless classics, effortlessly producing country chic, city sophistication and coastal calm.
Born and raised on the Pacific coast of the United States where simplicity reigns and light sparkles through every uncovered window, Bobbi was taught the value of antiques at an early age and endlessly combed San Francisco and Los Angeles for unusual and accessible pieces. Her move to the East Coast allowed her to mine a new region—one steeped in history and rich with American antiques.   She founded an antiques importing business called Antiques and Accessories,  and began buying in France and England, forgoing heavy, traditional pieces for lighter painted furniture and sometimes a whimsical touch. Bobbi Smith also furnished the antiques for three Ralph Lauren retail stores. Her collection includes well-loved furniture and one-of-a- kind accessories that come alive in vibrant, active homes.

The BKS palette represents the barely-there colors of the sun washed Greek Islands of Bobbi's ancestry: warm creamy neutrals and cool watery hues combined with the robust turquoise of a Swedish door or a snap of apple green. Bobbi easily blends taste and trend, with a talent for mixing 18th Century treasures with affordable, off- the- shelf items, or featuring a cherished heirloom in a contemporary room to create friendly, inviting spaces. BKS spaces often include unusual hand painted details or a unique sculptural element and exude easy elegance.
"Bobbi Smith enters a house with an eye for its heart.  She sees the specific possibilities in your house, and step by step, you see them unfold. Rust, sheen, light, dark, smooth and rough, from fixtures to textiles, the journey has a balance. In the end you are exactly where she takes you: home."

-Megan Beyer, client